(minimink) rug

(minimink) rug...

(minimink) has so many uses, and the designers suggestions are enclosed with each (minimink).
The fur is a beautiful quality which does not shed and is so soft and luxurious that you will just want to wrap it around yourself or your loved ones. Some of the uses are as a?

Wrap - designed so it can be placed in a pram and wrap around the baby like a papoose. This is one of the creators favourite uses as they just look so delectable and you won?t believe the amount of compliments you will receive!

Rug - There is no need to take several blankets as the (minimink) is very thick and soft and is perfect to use as a play rug. 

Throw - (minimink) makes a great throw - lovely in baby's room or in almost every room in the house! Older children also love it, to lie on or under. 

Size - Approximately 100cm x 100cm with one rounded corner.

Colours - Lush Chocolate Brown or Lush Honey Brown which is like a "sable" colour ? both lined with cream 100% brushed cotton which is soft and gentle in both colour and texture against baby?s skin.

The (minimink) is beautifully packaged in a reusable drawstring bag and can be attractively gift wrapped if required. We will include a hand written gift card with our compliments.


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