Personalised Baby Bath Robe Plus Bonus Brush, Comb & Socks Set

Baby's Personalized Hooded Bathrobe Gift Box

A totally unique gift

Plus BONUS 1 x Matching Baby Socks & 1st Baby Brush & Comb Set

This most practical gift is made from superb quality super absorbent white 100% cotton weave toweling and can have baby's name individually embroidered on the lap over chest of the robe.
The embroidery colors are coordinated to compliment.

Each Baby Express bathrobe, is both hooded, tied around the waist and has 2 pockets
Every bathrobe sold will include a brush & comb set & pair of baby socks

Make bath time a treat for Mum and Dad by popping baby into our Baby's Personalized Hooded Bathrobe.
Baby will be comfortable from Bath to Bedroom, both functional and very attractive, with their own name on it! 
Presented in a gloss white gift box. 

Please be sure to correctly spell baby's name in the special instructions section of the online order form

Currently available in sizes ...Newborn >6 mths Boy and Newborn >6mths Girl New Born Unisex is also available. 


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