The Best Gifts for Baby Showers – Personalised Baby Blankets

The Best Gifts for Baby Showers - Personalised Baby Blankets


Hand knit baby blankets have never failed to comfort babies over the years. Oftentimes, mothers knit socks, mittens or other clothes for their infants. Some even go the extent of knitting personalised baby blankets for their cherubs. Knitting is a good way to keep the fingers nimble. At the same time, it is quite a relaxing hobby. However, not many parents have the time to knit handmade things for their babies any longer. This is why presenting a knitted blanket could be a great idea for any baby shower you attend.


How to Select Personalised Baby Blankets as a Present

Very few gifts can endear themselves to the parents of an infant in the manner a personalised blanket can. Not many people will have the foresight to consider gifting something so commonplace, yet out-of-the-ordinary. For instance, many people will not think beyond the standard gifts of baby bath products and diapers as gifts. This is why these blankets will stand out from other gifts quite easily.

When you purchase a personalised baby blanket, consider the following tips.

  • Look especially for hand-knit or handmade baby blankets
  • Avoid purchasing blankets made of fleece or wool if you live in an area that has a warm climate
  • Consider the kind of baby blanket you want i.e. some blankets are useful when the baby plays, others are ideal for using in strollers etc.
  • Pick blankets made of material that will be comfortable and safe for the infant
  • Ensure that you order in advance as it might take a few weeks before you receive the blanket customised to your requirements

If you have the time, you could consider knitting a baby blanket yourself. Or, you could simply visit a baby shop online for placing an order.


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