Personalised Teddy Bears 101: The History of the Teddy Bear


Teddy bears (especially personalised teddy bears) have become one of the most popular gifts given to babies during baby showers – and rightfully so considering how cute and cuddly this beloved toy is. However, do you have any idea as to where the teddy bear got its name? Here’s a quick history lesson about this adorable toy that everybody loves.


How It All Began

The history of teddy bears all began over a century ago, sometime around 1902 to be exact.

The then US president Theodore Roosevelt was invited to a hunting trip put together by the Mississippi governor to which he agreed to join. It would have been an enjoyable sport, except that the president hadn’t caught a bear after three days of being in the woods, whereas all their other companions already did. The hunting guides, perhaps because they were already tired or maybe because they didn’t want the president to go home disappointed about failing in this hunt, took matters into their own hands.

So there, they went out and tracked a bear, and after having found one, cornered and clubbed it until it became too weak to fight back. Weak and wounded, the hunting guides lassoed it and tied it to a willow tree and then called the president to come and shoot the bear.

However, President Roosevelt refused to do so, considering it to be unsportsmanlike. Seeing that the bear was in a lot of pain and suffering, he showed compassion to the poor animal and ordered it to be put out of its misery.

This incident became a ‘viral’ news at that time, and a cartoonist for the Washington Post decided to sketch a picture depicting the president’s compassionate act. This picture was seen by an American toy maker named Morris Michtom and decided to create a toy bear which he called ‘Teddy’s Bear.’ Perhaps it was because of the toy’s symbolic significance or its soft and cuddly nature, but either way, it became a big hit.

At the same time in Germany, the Steiff firm also started creating their own version of the teddy bear (without knowing anything about ‘Teddy’s Bear’) which also became a big hit. They became very popular that even a New York toy store ordered thousands of the Steiff Bear for their shop.


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