Gift the Best Personalised Teddy Bears to Your Loved Ones


For many people, bears are fierce and powerful animals. Unless you happen to be fortunate, a chance encounter with a grizzly could well imperil your life. Given this backdrop, it could seem quite strange that bears are one of the most loved animals when it comes to the soft toy industry. Almost any child will have fond memories of a cute and cuddly teddy bear that they used to snuggle up to in bed. Incredibly, this is true for both girls and boys. In the dating world, teddy bears continue to remain popular. If you’re wondering what to gift a beloved child on a special day, a teddy bear could be just the thing you need.

What are Personalised Teddy Bears?

In 1902, a man named Morris Michtom created a stuffed bear and called it Teddy’s Bear. A century later, custom teddy bears continue to fascinate kids and grown-ups alike. In recent times, baby gift hampers have become increasingly popular. However, the charm and cuteness of a teddy bear remains unbeatable even today.

Custom teddies refer to a stuffed toy filled with soft, fluffy and pliable white cotton. Manufacturers generally cover the exteriors with a soft furry material. In contrast, personalised teddies come about by:

  • Cutting the segments of the bear
  • Sewing the parts and forming the body parts of the toy bear
  • Filling the parts with cotton or synthetic material and,
  • Assembling the various parts together

Personalised teddies make versatile gifts. You could specify a message on the shirt worn by the teddy. Or, you could simply mention the name of your child on the teddy’s shirt. Having a teddy that bears their name is sure to be a hit with kids (pun unintended).

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