Fun Facts about Teddy Bears



It was sometime in the late 1800s or the very early 1900s that the first teddy bear appeared on the shelves of toy shop, and it’s rather amazing that even after a century later, these soft and cuddly toys and personalised teddy bear are still one of the most sought after gift items for cute newborn babies, to lovelorn teenagers, and even grown-ups and adults. Truly, the teddy is the kind of gift that transcends time and age and is most suitable for both the young and the young at heart. In order to broaden your knowledge of these cute little fuzzy toys, here are some interesting facts that are worth knowing.

  • The first patent for the ‘teddy bear’ was registered way back in 1899. This was by Margarete Steiff, who had registered twenty plus designs for her plush toy company including a dancing bear.
  • The actual teddy bear, though, accordingly, was created by her nephew Richard in 1902. Overlapping information shows that it was also during this time that the famous “teddy’s bear” (the one attributed to then US President Theodore Roosevelt) was first released by Morris Michtom, who also claims to have invented the teddy bear. In all fairness, there was no way they could have copied each other’s ideas back then since they live continents apart.
  • Bear toys weren’t called teddy bears back then – they were referred to as ‘bruins.’ The bruins first appeared in an advertisement in the American toy trade magazine entitled ‘Playthings’ in 1906. Later that same year (in November to be exact) the words ‘teddy bear’ first appeared in another advertisement in the same magazine.
  • The world’s largest stitched teddy bear is named C.T. Dreams and was made by Dana Warren. It measures 16.86 meters or 55 feet and four inches in height. A bigger bear though, appeared in 2008 – ‘Evan’ made by Martin and Delia Wach and measures 61 feet tall.
  • Conversely, the smallest teddy bear is ‘Tiny Ted’ and measures 4.5 mm in height, making it smaller than a fingernail. It was made by Cheryl Moss from South Africa.
  • The most expensive teddy bear sold for a whopping $182,550 on October 14, 2008 at Christie’s in Monaco. The bear is Steiff Louis Vuitton and measures about 17 inches.


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