Buying Personalised Baby Blankets and Clothes Made from Organic Cotton



Organic cotton is a very popular material when it comes to baby products and items like baby clothes and personalised baby blankets. There are certain reasons behind its popularity, the foremost being its suitability to baby’s sensitive skin. It is a fact that a baby’s skin is much more porous and a lot thinner when compared to that of an adult. Thus, baby’s skin is much more prone to absorbing things like chemicals from clothes or anything else that comes in contact with their skin. Baby’s skin also produce less oil, which is actually a barrier that prevents the entry of these chemicals to the skin. In addition, baby’s skin have less melanin, a substance that protects the skin from sunburn. Suffice to say that all these makes babies’ skin much more prone to developing pesticide related health issues, pesticides which usually come from chemically grown cotton or fibres.

By using organic cotton for baby’s clothes, booties, towels and even toys, you are greatly reducing the risk of your baby being exposed to these pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Organic cotton is not grown in conventional farming methods that makes use of pesticides or insecticides. Instead, farmers make use of methods which are much safer. These methods include crop rotation, manually removing weeds as opposed to using herbicides, introduction of beneficial insects to counter the effects of pests and so on. Thus, the workers have lesser exposure to chemicals, the water used is clean and free from harmful chemicals, and the soil is all natural and free from toxins. This makes the cotton produce toxin free as well.

Aside from being safe for babies’ skin, organic cotton is also deemed to be much sturdier than its counterparts. They are also much cheaper purchases in the long run. True, they may cost more when compared to mass produced cotton fabric, but since they last longer, they offer more value for your money. In general, conventional cotton can last about twenty washes, after which their fibres start to weaken and break down. On the other hand, organic cotton can survive to almost a hundred washes before real damage can be observed. The reason is that conventionally produced cotton go through a variety of processes which includes bleaching and dying and others before they are cut into patterns and made into clothes, towels, and others. All these processes affect the strength and durability of the cotton and thereby weakening them.

So if you are thinking of gifting baby clothes or towels for a baby shower, why not try going for organic cotton? They are not only safe, but they will surely last longer. If you are looking for baby clothes, baby blankets, or some baby gift hampers in Sydney made from organic cotton, please feel free to give us a call at 1300 727 368. We’d be more than happy to show you our wide range of baby gift items which are both affordable and safe for babies.

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