Baby Tips: Choose Personalised Baby Blankets Made from Cotton




Choosing a baby shower gift entails a lot of thought. Not only do you need to consider what item to gift, but also the material that the item will be made of as this can have an effect on the health and well-being of the newborn baby. Personalised baby blankets are perfect gifts, but you’ll want to make sure that it is made of cotton though. Why? Well, here are some reasons why blankets made from cotton is still the perfect choice for babies and their delicate skin.


The Benefits of Cotton Fabrics

  • Cotton is Breathable. Compared to other synthetic fibres, cotton allows for more breathability which reduces sweating among babies. This is a perfect way to keep babies warm without making them feel too hot, sweaty and sticky. The better aeration will help to keep babies feel fresh and cool, while cotton’s natural moisture wicking ability permits it to absorb moisture and get rid of it immediately.
  • Cotton Contains No Harsh Chemicals. Most synthetic fibres nowadays are treated with certain chemicals to give them a nice and appealing finish. More often than not, these chemicals can cause adverse reactions which can lead to itchiness and rashes. On the other hand, cotton does not contain any such chemicals making them safe to use for babies. In line with this, cotton is a natural fibre and is therefore non-allergenic.
  • Does Not Release Small Particulate Matters. Cotton is safe to use for babies because unlike other fibres, it does not release small particulate matters which can trigger an asthma attack or cause any respiratory issues.
  • Cotton is Easy to Wash. Other synthetic fibres will require special cleaning methods in order to keep them from getting damaged. Who needs to bother with such trifles? If you use cotton, you don’t have to worry about special laundering techniques because cotton can be washed in both cold and hot water and be tumble dried or hung outside – mothers can now spend more time with their babies instead of the washing machine.
  • Cotton Is Durable. Cotton is a very durable fibre and will not wear out any time soon. In fact, our personalised baby blankets made of cotton have lasted many of our clients for a long time – well way into the baby’s grade school years even! Moreover, continuous washing have limited effect on the strength and durability of cotton fibres, so you can keep washing them and yet they’ll be around to serve you for a long time.


Are You in Need of Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas?

Perfect baby shower gift ideas can sometimes be a challenge… That is why we’re here to help you out. Our range of baby gift products includes different personalised items – from personalised baby blankets to teddy bears and more. We can also place those blankets in baby gift hampers which you can fill with many other things for gifts. If you’re looking for the ultimate gift ideas for the coming baby shower, feel free to leave us a message at our contact page or give us a call at 1300 727 368.

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